Gastric Balloon Therapy

What is a gastric balloon?

Gastric balloons have been used for weight reduction in Germany for over 20 years.
used. A gastric balloon is a small balloon made of medical plastic that is filled with
liquid is filled. Once filled, depending on the manufacturer, this can be between 6 and 12
remain in the stomach for months and help in losing excess weight.
In the patient’s stomach, the intragastric balloon occupies space throughout the therapy.
This causes the stretch receptors, which mediate with the feeling of satiety,
stimulated earlier. Saturation can thus be achieved more quickly and also for a longer time.

How is the gastric balloon inserted?

The intragastric balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach during a gastroscopy.
brought in. Gastroscopies are routine procedures that many thousands of patients in Germany undergo.
Times per year to be carried out. Throughout the procedure, the patient receives a
Twilight anesthesia. He sleeps through the procedure and wakes up again after only 20 minutes.
During this time, we use a small camera to examine the stomach for pre-existing conditions,
such as gastric ulcers, hiatal hernias or similar. If the stomach is healthy, the
Gastric balloon in unfilled state introduced into the stomach through the mouth. At
the intragastric balloon is then filled with the ideal amount of
Liquid filled. As a rule, this is 400 – 700 ml. Following the procedure remain
patients remain in our practice for about an hour for observation and are then allowed to go to
Accompaniment back home.
If desired, the procedure can be accompanied by an anesthesiologist in our office.

How much weight can be lost with a gastric balloon?

Gastric balloons have helped many patients lose weight in recent years. The
accurate weight loss is always related to the personal commitment of the patient,
of follow-up care, but also concomitant diseases. Studies have shown that
a weight loss of 17-22 kg in 6 months* and up to 35 kg in 12 months**.
average were achieved.
To ensure that this effect is sustained over the long term, patients are treated during the entire
Therapy follow-up. Each patient has a personal contact person who can help him or
accompanies them throughout the therapy.

How much does a gastric balloon cost?

In our practice, you can choose between the 6-month stomach balloon and the
Annual balloon decide. These are different intragastric balloons, which are
can remain in the stomach for different lengths of time. The cost of this therapy is
3,000 euros for 6 months and 4,500 euros for 12 months of therapy. This already includes all costs, including those of your personal care and nutritional counseling.
Anesthesia support is charged separately with our cooperation company.

Are you interested, inform
further at or arrange a preliminary meeting
under 0800/7241271 (free of charge)

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