Vascular diseases such as circulatory disorders or vascular occlusions
can be diagnosed and treated at the MVZ.

Every third German citizen over the age of 40 suffers from vascular diseases such as circulatory disorders or vascular occlusions. Often these diseases go unnoticed for a long time because they do not initially cause any symptoms. If detected too late, however, they can lead to heart attacks, strokes or the amputation of limbs.

Preventive examinations can detect and treat vascular diseases at an early stage. The risk of circulatory disorders increases with age. In addition, patients with elevated risk factors in particular should be monitored regardless of age. These risk factors include high blood pressure, diabetes, lipometabolic disorders, obesity, lack of exercise, nicotine, stress and hereditary predispositions.

By means of vascular and laboratory examinations, we offer you an assessment of your individual risk at the MVZ Wiesloch.


    • Arteriosclerosis early detection and risk assessment
    • Duplex sonography of neck vessels, brain-supplying arteries, abdominal vessels, pelvic-leg arteries / veins, shoulder-arm arteries / veins
    • Vascular Oscillography (ELCAT)
    • Coagulation diagnostics, thrombosis risk screening
    • Ankle-arm index determination / pulse wave amplitude measurement
    • Renal artery duplex sonography to exclude renal artery stenoses
    • Examination of varices (varicose veins) and phlebitis (inflammation of the veins)
    • Vein diagnostics for thrombosis and post-thrombotic sequelae

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Priv.-Doz. Dr. Ralf Bauer

Specialist for internal medicine, cardiology and angiology

Oliver Fuchs

Specialist for internal medicine and cardiology

Dr. Frauke Glaser

Specialist for internal medicine, cardiology and nephrology

Michael W. Jäger

Specialist for internal medicine, cardiology and angiology

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