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Orthopedic complaints are a common cause of reduced quality of life. At the same time, in many cases they cause people to become unable to work and to pursue their actual occupation.

Our orthopedic expert Dr. Pieter Beks specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. He has been involved in the conservative therapy of orthopedic issues for decades and is now an “institution” for athletes and sportswomen in the amateur and professional sectors.

At the MVZ Wiesloch, Dr. Pieter Beks is your private medical contact for sports injuries (both to joints and soft tissues) and for arthritic complaints of the joints and spine.

Treatment costs are covered by private health insurance. Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs due to the fact that they are no longer licensed to do so. However, it is possible to be treated as a self-payer (please refer to the corresponding fee table).

Being in private practice allows Dr. Pieter Beks to have plenty of time for consultation, history taking and comprehensive examinations. The aim is to exhaust all diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities together with the patient and to develop an individual treatment proposal.


    • Digital X-ray examination of all bones and joints as well as the spine.
    • Focused shock wave therapy
    • Intra-articular injection therapy with hyaloron
    • Laboratory tests, also regarding the cause of joint diseases
    • Surface EMG for the assessment of muscle dysfunction.
    • “Second opinion” – assessment of surgical indications
    • Apply tape bandages
    • Ultrasound examination of joints and soft tissues


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Our orthopedist

Dr. Pieter Beks

Specialist in orthopedics

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