Covid Focus Practice

As a Corona focal point practice, we try to make our contribution to overcoming the pandemic in the Wiesloch area and to assist patients with complaints, worries and fears.

In a corona specialist practice, the diagnosis of a corona disease is primarily confirmed by means of Covid Testing confirmed. In addition, infected and potentially infected patients with mild and moderate illness are cared for as long as outpatient care is medically justifiable.

corona vaccination

ProtectYOUR and OUR lives!
We can wholeheartedly recommend: Get vaccinated!

In the meantime, the MVZ Wiesloch has vaccinated far more than 10,000 doses with the vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer. In NO case was there a serious side effect.

Daher empfehlen wir aus voller Überzeugung: Protect your life and thoses of all of us by getting vaccinated.

Because all experts agree on one point: only a better vaccination rate can curb the current explosion of incidences. Please be in solidarity for our country and for the lives of the elderly and vulnerable.

Vaccination appointments for initial and booster vaccinations can be booked in the MVZ Wiesloch exclusively online bookable .

Please understand that we do NOT havewaiting lists.
Also, for our convenience, please do not contact us by phone regarding vaccination issues. There is no information other than what is available on our website.

If no appointments are available right now, please try again a few days later or take advantage of other vaccination services in the area. We are constantly maximizing our vaccination capacity and are pushing ourselves to the limit, as much as the daily routine of the practice allows.

Please remember to bring the following documents with you to your vaccination appointment!

Vaccination appointment mRNA vaccine


Vaccination appointment vector vaccine

(Johnson & Johnson)

Covid Tests

The MVZ Wiesloch offers currently only PCR tests on.
“Citizen testing” We do not perform rapid tests (PoC).
For these, please contact the various test stations in the area.

The PCR tests are bookablehere .
PCR tests in case of suspected disease are also offered on Saturdays and SundaysSundays. 

Test costs and test result

In case ofsuspected illness
In case of
suspected diseaseFor example, to confirm a positive rapid test, the PCR test is paid for by the health insurance company.
You can find further information on the assumption of costs  here.
The test is evaluated by our partner laboratory. The test result is usually available after 24 to 48 hours (without guarantee). You can via a barcode issued individually to you. 

You want to know more quickly?
For this purpose we offer a PCR acute test, which we evaluate on site. The result is already available after 15-30 minutes.
However, you will have to bear the cost of this test (79 €) yourself.  

For “free testing”, travel abroad, etc. 

For a PCR test that you have performedfor “free testing” or similar purposes or because you are traveling abroad or returning from abroad, you generally bear the costs as a self-payer (70 €).   Neither health insurance companies nor other institutions cover the costs for this test. 
The test is sent to our partner laboratory. 
The test result is usually available after 24 to 48 hours (no guarantee). You can via a barcode issued individually to you. 
Please note: 
The rapid PCR acute tests described above are not sufficient for free testing because they do not detect the Ct value.   

Test execution

We perform all tests on our
Corona window switches on the parking deck behind thebehind the medical center, entering the parking lot via Schloßstraße and Schloßweg.   We pay attention to the strict spatial separation from the regular office hours and therefore do NOT perform the swabs in the practice rooms of the MVZ.

When queuing,please observe the distance rules wear a mouth and nose protection, as this is the only way to protect yourself and other people around you.

Please bring to the test be sure to visit the following:

Please also provide us with your (mobile) phone number so that we can contact you immediately in the event of a positive test result.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

The Standing Commission on Vaccination (Stiko) did not make its recommendation for booster vaccination until the third vaccination phase had already begun. The Stiko recommendations are not mandatory, but can provide guidance.

The panel recommends booster vaccination (with the BionTech/Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine) no earlier than six months after the second vaccination for all persons 18 years of age and older, but especially for these groups of persons:

  • People aged 70 and over
  • Residents under 70 years of age in institutions for the care of the elderly
  • Nursing staff and other professionals with direct contact to the persons to be cared for in outpatient, partial or full inpatient care facilities
  • Personnel in medical facilities with direct patient contact

All persons 18 years and older.

Although there is no prioritisation on the part of the Ministry of Health and the cost bearers, the MVZ Wiesloch gives priority to vaccination appointments for high-risk patients and those over 60 years of age. “In our experience, this also corresponds to the attitude of most of our patients, especially since the older ones usually also have the longest history of vaccination,” explains Dr. Holger Bergdolt, Medical Director of the MVZ.

Then book hereyour appointment with the doctor of your choice.

Then book a PCR test at our Covid window counters here. You will also receive your sick note there (in consultation with the doctor).
If the test result is positive, obtain a certificate of segregation for your employer from the health department. This means that they will be fully reimbursed for the cost of your wages (provided you have been vaccinated).

We offer a PCR acute test, the result of which will be given to you on the spot after 15-30 minutes. The cost of this test is 79 €. They are not reimbursed by health insurance.

Please note:
The PCR acute test cannot be used for “free testing” after infections, as this methodology does not detect the Ct value.

You are considered Covid infected.

This is not threatening to you at first, but for the protection of others you must quarantine yourself immediately.
Medical treatment is not necessary unless you get pronounced shortness of breath or other severe symptoms.
In this case, please make an appointment for a separate, isolated consultation.
Please also note the following information sheet.

Leaflet positive PCR test

We will be happy to issue and send you a sick note. For this purpose, please send us an email to

Please follow the instructions in the leaflet below.

Leaflet positive rapid test

  • Contact person without symptoms
    To exclude infection after contact with a possibly infected person, a rapid antigen test is usually sufficient. This is not offered by the MVZ. Please contact the test stations in the area.
  • Symptomatic patient: PCR test + possibly rapid test
    In order to reliably exclude a Corona infection in the case of symptoms (complaints), a PCR test must be carried out (paid for by the health insurance).

In order to rule out a Covid infection with certainty, a swab must be taken that collects sufficient material for examination from the mucous membranes. To do this, we need to take a swab in the nose or mouth and nose, depending on the test. This is uncomfortable due to the deep penetration of the test stick into the respective orifice, but is generally well tolerated. The swab takes about 10 seconds.

A corona smear is recommended to rule out corona infection. You can book an appointment here.

With any infection, it makes sense to stay at home so as not to infect anyone, even with banal viral infections (non-corona). “Symptomatic measures” such as taking paracetamol or ibuprofen help get over the discomfort. You should also drink at least 2 litres of fluid per day if possible.

If you need a sick note, you can also get it at the Corona window counter of the MVZ Wiesloch (parking deck of the Ärztehaus).

For patients over 80 years of age and high risk patients, we offer a 3rd vaccination as a “booster” if the last vaccination was given more than 6 months ago.
(according to the new RKI recommendation)

The third vaccination is carried out with the vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer.

You can book appointments online.